Increase the efficiency of your Instagram Stories by over 100% with this one simple tip

Every now and then you come across a marketing tip that is so simple and so effective that you can’t believe that not every marketer is doing it - this is one of those. Using Instagram Stories is one of the most effective ways to covert impressions to goals on Instagram, be that goal a click onto another profile, a link click or simply just an active acknowledgement.

Below you’re going to see two screenshots taken a few hours into a 24-hour advert campaign we were running on one of our Liverpool influencer accounts for a client. The point of this advert campaign was brand exposure, and the goal was Sticker taps (clicks through to the tagged profile).


The penultimate image on the advert (above) was simply an @ tag to the client’s profile, which at this point of this screenshot was converting at a very healthy 12.54%. The last image on the advert (below) was exactly the same as the penultimate apart from the fact that we encouraged clickthrough using Instagram’s inbuilt GIF tool.

The results we see from the last image on the advert are surprising because the 590 people who converted on the penultimate image wouldn’t see the final image as they’re already on the client’s profile. You’d expect the conversion rate to be way lower, right? Well it turns out that the conversion rate grew from a ‘very healthy 12.54%’ to a ‘kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner level of healthy 22.24%’.


The overall conversion rate of this advert settled at 27.12% but would have been under 15% if we didn’t employ this simple ‘second bite’ tactic. A super simple tip that we truly hope you find useful.

  1. Use one tile to convert impressions into your goal at the end of your Instagram Stories campaign

  2. Use the exact same tile again after this tile but increase the presence of your conversion point using Instagram’s GIF tool

  3. Reap the rewards!

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Jack Rowley