We can train you to use your website and social media to get more customers with our one day training programme from only £295


Learn how to use Bing, Google and your website to get more customers

The intricacies of search engine optimisation can be complicated but the basics are easily graspable and should be considered at every stage of your marketing strategy. We’ll train you how to create content on your website that will get traffic through search engines and convert it into brand new customers.


Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get more customers

Timeline based social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the perfect way to market independent businesses but only if you approach it in the correct way. We’ll train you on how to create content that converts your audience into customers whilst growing your following at the same time.


Our training sessions are based around a bespoke strategy created for your business

Each training session we create is made bespoke for each business we work with to make sure we get as much out of our day together as possible. We’ll bring along multiple examples of website and social media content you should be producing to not only give you a full understanding but actionable next steps.

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Want to get yourself or your team trained up on using your website and social media to get more customers? Get in touch and let’s talk about it